Required Equipment

Required Equipment Print
  • Must be field lacrosse-specific
  • Statement/seal indicating it meets
    NOCSAE standard performance
  • Proper fit should be based on
    manufacturers’ guidelines &
    requirements on their website or
    included with helmet 
   Shoulder Pads
  • Covers top of shoulder, collarbone
    & sternum
  • Shoulder caps must rest on top of
  • Collar should lie flat on collarbone
  • Straps tightened - bicep pad sits
    high on arm so to not interfere
    with arm pads
  • Sternum plate must cover sternum
  • Should fit comfortably; adjust by
    loosening/tightening straps
  • Too tight - may restrict movement;
    too loose - can move during play
    & expose player to injury
  Arm Pads
  • Tight as to not slide down arm;
    loose as to not cause discomfort
  • Elbow should be properly &
    completely covered
  • If pad includes straps secure
    comfortably for limited movement
    during play 
  • Hand must be fully inserted in glove
  • Includes additional thumb protection
  • Should cover 2”-3” above the wrist
  • Too short - cuff won’t protect wrist
  • Too long - cuff will limit mobility
  • 40 - 42 inches in length for attackmen and midfielders
  • 52 - 72 inches in length for defensemen.

Required Equipment is listed and described at

Where to buy:
There are a few options on buying equipment.
You can buy used or new
Play it again sports offers used equipment, but it is a gamble as too what they will have.
Play It Again Sports - to find a store near you

The following retailers offer new equipment.  It often pays to get on their emailing lists because they are always offering discounted items during the off season when they are trying to off load last year gear.
Com Lax
Lacrosse Monkey
Lacrosse Unlimited
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